Beautiful Two Tier Wedding Cake Ideas

When it comes to choosing your wedding cake, typically it’s all about design. What will your color palette be? Will you ask your baker to add buttercream detailing, or stick with a few simple blooms? But choosing your wedding cake also comes with a decision to make on sizing.

A multi-tiered wedding cake can certainly be a showstopper. But you may not need five entire tiers of cake, especially if you’re hosting a more intimate celebration. And while a single-tiered cake could be the perfect fit for your small guest count, a two-tiered option offers a bit more flexibility.

A two-tier cake can typically serve anywhere from 20 to 50 guests. That number of servings, however, depends on the height and width of each tier. This size of cake also offers the choice to embrace the tradition of keeping the top tier of your cake, while still having plenty of cake to serve to your guests. Plus, there’s a wide range of options for incredible designs that will rival even the most awe-inspiring five-tiered confections.

Try Textured Concrete

A two-tiered cake definitely doesn’t have to be dull. This confection incorporates stunning textured concrete with flecks of gold detailing and a few blooms to make a statement.

Embrace Delicate Elegance

There’s a certain elegance to a tall, two-tiered cake. According to cake designer Nicole McEachnie, she wanted this Swan Lake princess-inspired cake to embrace femininity and innocence, and this design pulls that off flawlessly.

Incorporate Multiple Shapes

Want a truly unique two-tiered cake design? Embrace the concept of multiple shapes. With a square tier, a round tier, and intricate sugar florals, this cake is ready for any outdoor-inspired wedding.

Display Painted Flowers

Calling all spring couples! This two-tiered blue-hued cake makes the most beautiful statement. We can’t get over how darling the handpainted buttercream flowers are to match a garden setting.

Choose Light and Airy

You can certainly stick with a traditional, all-white wedding cake if you’re opting for two tiers. But consider taking it up a notch. This confection incorporated wispy sugar petals for a lovely, effortless design.

Showcase Beautiful Blooms

Pressed florals are having a moment, and we don’t think that trend is dying down anytime soon. Embrace this concept and press pretty florals on a two-tiered cake for a gorgeous display.

Consider Chocolate

It might be difficult to embrace an all-chocolate wedding cake, but we’re here to tell you it can certainly be the perfect fit. This two-tiered treat definitely commands attention with a bit of drama from the added chocolate drip.

Add a Cute Topper

We love the way the two tiers of this cake were crafted with a different number of layers for an interesting design. With its naked look and bold cactus topper, a design like this would be such a beautiful showcase at an outdoor summer wedding.

These are some lovely ideas to try.

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