Best Wedding Guest Book Ideas

rom your wedding photos to that cherished piece of wedding cake tucked away in the freezer for your first anniversary, there are only a handful of ways you can memorialize your nuptials after the fact. And while many couples have traditionally set up a designated station at their wedding for friends and family to sign a standard guest book in commemoration of their big day, those guest books tend to get sidelined to a bookshelf or storage box once the festivities come to a close. But as more couples move away from traditional guest books, unique and functional guest book alternatives are showing up in the most creative ways, and we are definitely here for it.

Form a Quilt

We love the approach one couple took to craft something truly memorable and homemade at their wedding. Consider setting up a sewing table, with square pieces of fabric and pens for signing. Guests will love the interactive activity of signing a piece of fabric. After your wedding, compile all of the personalized swatches to either sew the quilt yourself or ask someone to do it for you.

Make a Modern Calendar

Set yourself up for success in your first year as a married couple. Plan ahead with this custom piece, adding your names and wedding date to a printed calendar. We love the idea of setting up your calendar for guests to sign throughout the pages. As you make your way through your first year as newlyweds, you’ll open each month to notes from your nearest and dearest.

Take a Polaroid Selfie

Ditch the guest note route completely; instead, encourage wedding attendees to cozy up for the camera and leave their marks with a Polaroid selfie. “When we have stepped away from something more traditional, we’ve incorporated taking a Polaroid, posting the photos into a book, and having people handwrite personal notes,” says Greenwood. Set up a selfie station just for the task, and prepare for an overload of fun captures from your guests.

Write It in the Stars

Take “written in the stars” to a literal sense, allowing friends and family to pen sweet notes around a constellation map from any date and location of your choosing. Consider including the date and time of your wedding or commemorate another memory such as your first date.

Sign a Globe

Globe-trotting couples, we have your alternative wedding guest book covered. Let your guests make their marks on your own little world. Purchase a globe you love and set it up with your favorite pens for a fun activity. This will serve as the perfect showpiece in your living room or office.

Fill a Shadow Box

We can’t get enough of this display featuring a shadow box on an easel with greenery. Have guests pen a sweet note on heart-shaped wooden pieces or any other shape that best matches your theme. Ask guests to slip their notes into the shadow box to be viewed for years to come.

Commemorate With Wine Corks

Obsessed with wine? This unique guest book alternative is perfect for those couples who know every varietal. Have each guest pen their name on a cork, and utilize this memento as a piece of décor in your home. We love the idea of surrounding the piece in greenery or adding a bouquet to make a decorative statement.

Set up a Custom Canvas

Commemorate a favorite location or vacation memory with a custom painted canvas. “A couple marrying on Maui had guests sign a beautiful canvas illustration of the island,” says Valley. Utilize your ceremony location to create a beautiful canvas to celebrate where you’re tying the knot.

These are some amazing ideas.

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