Cheap Wedding Cakes For Your Next Wedding

Every bride dreams about a wonderful, elegant cake for her big wedding day but not all brides can afford the high price of the very fabulous, high-looking cakes available on the market today. For brides on a tight budget who still want a cake that will make her wedding the most beautiful event she could possibly have, she should read “A Guide to Beautiful Wedding Cakes” by Melinda Katz. Using practical and easy-to-follow techniques, this e-book shows the history and typical practices in the dessert-making world and provides more than 50 tips to create the ultimate wedding cake and an equally dazzling one for a couple on a budget.

The book starts by describing the basics of baking. Then, it goes on to touch on topics such as selecting the right ingredients, preparing the cake, decorating it and choosing decorative accessories and lastly, baking the cake and presenting it in an elegant way that is pleasing both to the eye and taste. After reading through this very informative book, you will not only know how to bake a fantastic cake but also will have great ideas on how to decorate yours and present it for a wedding or party.

An Overview

One of the most popular wedding cake options is the sheet cake. These inexpensive cakes are not only fun to make but they are economical and do not require a professional chef or baker to bake them for you. Also, most sheet cakes are easy to decorate with no need for expertise or skills. You can purchase the basic ready to bake sheet cake from any grocery store or discount bakery.

If you would prefer a slightly different but equally elegant option for a wedding cake, you may want to try an Italian themed wedding. There are many beautiful cakes available at bakeries that serve Italian food and that can be used as inspiration for your own cheap wedding cakes. Many Italian bakers make up fresh fruitcakes that would be perfect for an Italian themed wedding.

Affordable Wedding Cake Ideas

Most Italian bakeries offer an outstanding selection of cheap wedding cakes. Also, there are several online specialty stores that sell Italian pastries, breads and cookies in many styles and flavors. Many of these cakes are baked in small batches so that they are only available during certain times of the year, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. In addition to the traditional Italian foods that you may want to include on your cake, you may want to add fresh and spicy pasta sauce to your baked Italian treats.

Another popular option for inexpensive wedding cakes is cupcakes. Cupcakes are simply delicious and are usually smaller than traditional wedding cakes. However, there are some delicious cupcakes wedding cake options available at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for a full-size traditional cake. Most people like to purchase cupcakes because the flavor combinations are not limited and you can easily customize the flavor combination by selecting which type of chocolate chips, toppings, and other ingredients you want to include in your cupcakes.

Wedding cakes that consist of mini cakes are also a popular option for those looking for cheap wedding cakes. Small wedding cakes are easier to serve and cheaper to make than their larger counterparts. You can find many websites online that offer inexpensive cupcakes and there are even some places where you can buy cheap wedding cakes online in bulk. This will save you a significant amount of money and you will be able to bake several smaller cakes for less than it would cost to bake one large cake.

The traditional wedding cake is an all-time favorite but it does require a fair amount of planning and preparation. Therefore, many couples who are planning an Italian themed wedding choose to cut their cake in half. Many of the Italian wedding cake ideas are a simple rectangular cake, however, you may want to choose an oblong, or even a hexagonal cake to match the design of your bridal dress. Many couples choose to use cream cheese for their icing, and sprinkle it over the top before putting it in the oven or even on the table for presentation. Another easy Italian cheap wedding cake idea is to purchase a pre-made card and write your own custom message on it.

In The End

Cheap wedding cake ideas are out there, and it’s just a matter of making a few key decisions. The plain truth is that the most important part of any wedding cake is the frosting. Simple sheet cakes can taste amazing, and if you take the time to bake one yourself, you can create a perfectly delicious dessert that can easily rival the food at the reception. Choose a custom frosting with a flavor that goes well with your main course, and you will have a memorable cake that is very cost effective.

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