Decorating-Wedding Cakes For Halloween

Halloween is a wonderful time of year and if you are planning to have your very own Halloween themed wedding then it would be a great idea to give out some Halloween wedding cakes. If you are wondering what type of cake to give out then here is a list of ideas for you. Some of the best Halloween wedding cakes on the list are pretty gruesome and others just plain weird, creepy, and elegant.

What you can say about these Halloween wedding cakes is they are definitely forgettable. Your guest would easily have a tough time forgetting your beautiful wedding cake. If you are inspired bride and planning to have an evil look then here are some of the top Halloween inspired cakes. You can find these at any specialty store or online bakery. Some may be more expensive than others, but you will definitely enjoy the taste.

An Overview

The Jack’O Lantern is one of the famous Halloween wedding cakes. It comes with three mini pumpkins that are lit up with candles. A lot of groom’s pumpkin comes with the cake as well. This particular cake will surely take your guests back in time when they go Trick or Treating.

Another Gothic wedding cake idea that you may consider is the black cake with blood red icing. This is sure to make your guests involuntarily cluck like chickens when they see it. This elegant cake will surely fit in a Gothic type of wedding. These Halloween wedding cakes are quite expensive compared to the other ones but it is worth every single penny.

You can also think of making your own Halloween Gothic wedding cakes. This is actually easier than you think. There are many Gothic cake recipes in bookstores and online. Once you have all the ingredients, it is just a matter of mixing them all together and baking them. You can choose from cupcakes to layers or mini cakes. Whatever design or size you choose, it will definitely look great and tasteful on your special day.

Halloween Wedding Cakes

Aside from the Halloween cake and toppers, there are also other things that you need to consider when it comes to decorating your Halloween wedding cake and topper. For example, spooky themed wedding cake toppers can add more romance to your event. For instance, you can use a bride and groom skull as the toppers.

The most popular cake for an elegant Halloween would be the macaroons cake. This is a very elegant cake that is perfect for any elegant Halloween wedding. Just like a regular cake, a macaroni cake can come in different designs. You can get it toppers in the shape of bats, ghosts, pumpkins and other scary stuff. These decorative macaroons are great for a Halloween party.

There are so many Gothic wedding cake ideas available to choose from. You may want to consider going with something Gothic in nature. If that is the case, then you can even get your cake personalized with an expression of your love for each other. It would also be a good idea to have both your names and wedding date engraved on your Gothic cake. This will definitely make your guests feel more excited about your event, especially if they know that it is a Gothic themed one.

Gothic wedding cakes are made out of chocolate. They are usually very dark in color and very elegant. Some of the Gothic wedding cakes that are available include eyeball chocolates, mini blood oozing cups, blood red and green eye balls, skull and crossbones cupcakes, bloody sponge bunnies, and the black and white icing sponges.

Sugar cookies and Halloween cupcakes can be a great option as well. Both of these types of cakes can be decorated to match the theme of your Halloween wedding cake. A lot of bakeries sell sugar cookie frosting that looks like it was dipped in pumpkin sauce. You can buy a few plain spiced up sugar cookies, or you can buy Halloween cupcakes with candy corn, spiders, jack-o-lanterns and more. Your guests are sure to love them!

Final Words

Finally, if you really want to make an elegant statement at your Halloween party, you can add a black cake to your menu. The only problem with this type of black cake is that it doesn’t quite fit into the “scary” category that you are trying to create. However, if you use some fall flowers that match the color scheme of the black dress that you will be wearing, you can make the cake look just as scary as you would think. Fall flowers such as hydrangeas, dahlias, and even some black fall flowers such as mums, berries, and acorns will look fantastic as the base of your fall wedding cake. The only problem will be that you might not have enough guests to eat the entire cake!

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