How do we choose the best bridal jewellery

The bridal jewelry style will depend on many factors, including your bridal outfit and hairdo. The bridal jewelry should complement the bridal outfit. Different brides have different preferences in terms of their bridal jewelry. You can choose to go for a dainty design or you can go big with bling! Your bridal hairstyle also has an influence on the type of bridal jewelry that you should look for. There are a few things that you need to take into account.

1 . The bridal hairstyle

Your bridal hairstyle should be your guide to selecting bridal jewelry that will look good with the hairstyle. Your bridal outfit and bridal hairstyle should complement your bridal jewellery. Bridal jewelry like a tiara or a headpiece can actually enhance your bridal hairdo!

2 . Your bride’s outfit

The color of your bride’s dress can have a bearing on the choice of bridesmaids dresses, so it is best to take this into account when you are choosing bridesmaids jewelry as well as if you are choosing any other type of bridal jewelry for yourself. This is because the color of her dress will also influence how some bridal jewelry will look on her.

Your bridesmaids or bridal party can wear earrings or necklaces which are similar to some of the bridal jewelry that you will wear, but they should not be the same as your bridal jewelry. Your bridesmaids can also choose to carry small bouquets of flowers that match the bridesmaid dresses and bridal accessories.

3 . Wedding hairdo

Bridal jewelry must complement your wedding hairstyle too. It is best to go for something subtle so as not to overpower the bridal hairdo, nor draw attention away from it!

4 . Bridal outfit colors

It is important to take into account the bridal outfit colors when choosing bridal jewelry . For example, if you are wearing a white dress, then avoid bridal jewelry that is too heavily gold or silver coloured as it will not look good against the white dress. However, if you are wearing a coloured dress then you can choose bridal jewelry in complementary colors.

5 . The type of wedding

The formality of your wedding will also influence the choice of bridal jewelry . If your wedding is more formal, then you may want to go for more classical and elegant pieces of bridal jewelry . If your wedding is less formal, then you may want to choose something more fun and trendy!

Whatever type of bridal jewelry you choose should reflect your bridal style and the type of bridal jewelry that you like.

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