Wedding Table Decorations For Any Wedding

After the wedding you’ll probably want to take some time off and relax. It’s a very exciting time and there is a lot of planning to do. If this is your first wedding it might be difficult to know what to do for the decorations. There are so many ideas out there! What you need to do first is find the right kind of wedding table decorations!

Wedding tables are a central focal point at any wedding reception. They bring together the eating and socializing areas of the dinner. To create a beautiful and romantic setting decorated with beautiful tablescape ivory taper candles, cut flowers in the shape of hearts, and include one very important thing: flowers! You can also incorporate other decorating ideas into your wedding table decorations such as lace, tulle, or even multi colored glitter tiles.

An Overview

Flowers, candles, and tapers make great table decoration pieces for wedding table decorations. But another perfect way to use candles and flowers is with beautiful centerpieces. Whether it’s floating candles in an ocean of tulle, or a simple ribbon holder with one or two roses, adding an element of formality will make your tablescape more impressive.

One idea for beautiful bridal wedding centerpieces that features your centerpiece as the main embellishment would be a series of ivory taper candles wrapped in tulle. Use the tulle to drape the candles around the centerpieces making sure each candle faces in a different direction. It will give the appearance that the candles are floating on the water.

Wedding Table Decorations

One other idea for wedding table decorations that looks stunning at any event but may not fit within your budget is utilizing inexpensive wedding centerpieces made from gold or silver leaf. You can find these items at most craft stores either in person or online. The great thing about using these types of items is that they do not have to be overly expensive. They also don’t have to be something that is common like flowers or candy since you can get them in other colors that you may not have thought of like hot pink or hot green.

If you’re looking for a cheap but still very sweet centerpiece idea for your wedding table decorations, consider using special wedding table decorations of friendship hearts. These are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your tablescape. You can find these adorable heart shaped candy hearts at just about any store that sells seasonal things like bridal accessories. You can also make your own by using ribbon and melted chocolate. Simply melt a tablespoon of chocolate and then wrap it around a piece of ribbon.

If you’re looking for inexpensive yet meaningful wedding table decorations, consider adding handmade rustic table names to your reception. One great way to do this is to purchase small felt balls from your local craft stores and then cover them with felt strips or with table names that are already stitched onto the balls. This will make an extremely romantic and personalized addition to your reception area and guests will surely love having a table name to remember their special day with you.

Bottom Line

For some more inexpensive wedding table decorations, look no further than plain gold flatware. You’ll be surprised how many wonderful wedding reception centerpiece ideas there actually are. One idea that can be considered is using simple gold flatware, such as a plain serving tray and then filling the bottom of the tray with chocolate eclair or a candy cane. You could also create a center piece of chocolate eclair by rolling out or snipping out a sheet of chocolate eclair and then adding flowers and ribbons around it. You can also find a lovely collection of flowers at almost any bridal store including roses, peonies, chrysanthemums, calla lilies, and dahlias.

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